jerry, mike, phil, and me

The Penny-Arcade boys do it again.  I often take for granted how much entertainment they’ve given me over the past ten or eleven years.  They’re working on some non-Penny-Arcade stuff, it seems, and the flow of air from the slow spreading of their wings is all kinds of refreshing.

Phil Dick talks about reality, world-building, and epiphanies.

I got some more music!
Alex Rize – Beyond The Dome [Proton]
Alex Rize – Beyond The Dome (Habersham Remix) [Proton]
Marc Mitchell – Souls On Board (Ambient Mix) [Proton]
Poni Hoax – Faces In The Water – (Ambient Edit) [Tigersushi]
Paul Ritch – Evil Laugh [Wagon Repair]
Porter & Blain – Surrounding Darkness [Source Of Gravity]
AFK – Emily’s China (Fractal Remix) [?Pacific Front?]
Limbo – Distant From Sealong [Tide Pool]
Limbo – Gazing At My Shoesteps [Tide Pool]

^^ Wise eyes will notice new Tide Pool jams there, and I’m delighted to tell you that they’ve already been released.   Liam . Limbo knocked this one out of the park – do check it out.