so tired of repeating myself

I went to see the very tall and very talented Appleblim last night – yes, on a Monday.  Ooof.  Today was tiring, to say the least.  His set was, however, well worth staying up for.  Spaacey, spacey bits, some lush detroit-ish house, pretty dubstep, crunk dubstep, and a dash of drum & bass.  Exceptional.  Big ups to Pacific Dubstep for taking a huge risk on a Monday night show.  (I also want to mention in passing that Appleblim is from Bristol…like Massive Attack and Nick Warren.  I don’t think that this is a coincidence.)

Continuing on the dubstep tip, this interview with Kode 9 about rhythm is just great so far.   It’s not short tho, be warned.

I also have a crush on, which is a sort of youtube-esq version of In C.  This may be the sort of thing that only I will like, but I intend to like it enough for both of us, so don’t you fret.

Further to the show tip, I went to Video Games Live a week or so ago, and it was pretty rad.  I was annoyed that the symphony was both small and miked…but the full house at the Royal was screaming at every recognizable riff and theme, so it was probably required.  I enjoyed it very much though.  There could have been less self-indulgent electric guitar from the MC / show organizer, and they could have picked a less overwhelmingly cliched closer than One-Winged Angel – but it was worth it to hear Metroid, Zelda, the surprisingly hep Halo 3 theme, and the like.  Well worth going to.

I now exist on twitter, as an experimental workblog., if you’re into that sort of thing.

Finally, I finally burned some CDs!

Exoplanet – Obivous Encephalus [Proton]
Exoplanet – My Circuits Are Fading [Proton]
Exoplanet – Afterlife [Proton]
Arthur Deep – Demonstraight [Proton]
Monojoke – Outrun [Proton]
Subfractal – You [Proton]
Marc Mitchell – Souls On Board [Proton]
Isotope – Colours [Back Home]
Booiamrudolf – Ally’s World [Elefant]
Booiamrudolf – Filuz [Elefant]
Booiamrudolf – It’s Deep In Here [Elefant]
Russian Linesman – Poor Runa [Manual]
Misstress Barbara – Dance Me To The End Of Love [Iturnem]
Elkin ‘Billie’ Longton – My Man [Tide Pool]
Kayne West – Love Lockdown (Limbo’s Anti-Edit) []
Robsounds – Hundreds & Thousands [Plasteline]
Blu Mar Ten – If I Could Tell You [Blu Mar Ten]
Elkin ‘Billie’ Longton – My Woman [Tide Pool]