summer music: feminist edition

I discovered, in March, that my music collection has a problem.  It’s this:

No, not the Swedish House Mafia per say – although I have problems with them for many other reasons.  The problem is that they’re dudes.  Just like James Holden, James Blake, James Zabiela, John Digweed, John Peel, John Zorn, John Cage, John Dunstable,  and so on.  I realized, after comparing my libraries of books and music with a friend’s, that I consume media that is 90% made by men.  Problematic.

So, this summer I decided to only buy / find / listen to music made by groups that were at least 50% female.  Unsurprisingly, I listened to some pretty fantastic music.  Full results are below:

Releases (that I purchased):

Aisha Devi – Aura 4 Everyone EP [Danse Noire]
Boy – Little Numbers [Groenland]
Clara Moto – Joy Departed [InFine]
Colleen – The Weighing of the Heart [Second Language]
Ellen Allien – LISM [Bpitch Control]
Fatima – Circle [Eglo]
Glasser – Ring [True Panther]
Hannah Read & Charlie van Kirk – Covers EP []
Ikonika – Aerotropolis [Hyperdub]
jozif feat. Little Bear – The 508 [Crosstown Rebels]
Julia Holter – Tragedy [Domino Recording Co]
Julia Holter – Loud City Song [Domino Recording Co]
Julia Kent – Character [The Leaf Label]
Julianna Barwick – Nepenthe [Dead Oceans]
Kate Wax – Dust Collision [Border Community]
Laura Jones – Sensoramic [Visionquest]
Laurel Halo – Beyond the Green Door [Hyperdub]
Maya Jane Coles – Comfort [I/AM/ME]
Nadia Sirota – Baroque [Bedroom Community]
Purity Ring – Shrines [4AD]
Py – Polyethers [Champion Records]
Rachael Boyd – You Need To Stop Looking (Sun Glitters Remix) []
Saa – Saa EP [Left Blank]
Stellar OM Source – Joy One Mile [RVNG Intl.]

Artists (very much an incomplete list):

Adult (site, wiki)
Aisha Devi (soundcloud)
Ana Lola Roman (site, soundcloud)
Amy Wood (site, youtube)
Andrea Young (site)
Anna Merideth (site, wiki)
Alanna Ho (soundcloud, youtube)
AlunaGeorge (site, wiki)
Ashley Paul (site, soundcloud)
Austra (site, wiki)
Bebe Barron (wiki)
Boy (site, wiki)
Cassy (site, soundcloud)
Cassandra Miller (site, soundcloud)
Chaya Czernowin (site, wiki)
Couer de Pirate (site, wiki)
Colleen (site)
Clara Moto (soundcloud)
Clothilde (discogs,
Ellen Allien (site, wiki)
Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson (discogs, twitter)
Elika (site, soundcloud)
Emika (soundcloud, wiki)
E.M.M.A. (soundcloud)
Everything But The Girl (site, wiki)
Fatima (site, label)
Fatima Al Qadiri (site, soundcloud)
Galina Ustvolskaya (wiki)
Glass Candy (wiki)
Glasser (site, soundcloud)
Grimes (site, wiki)
Hannah Read (site, bandcamp)
Heidi (soundcloud)
Helena Hauff (soundcloud)
Ikonika (soundcloud, wiki)
Jesca Hoop (site, wiki)
Jessy Lanza (twitter)
Julia Easterlin (site, music)
Julia Holter (site, wiki)
Julia Kent (site, wiki)
Julianna Barwick (site, wiki)
Kaki King (site, wiki)
Karen Gwyer (site, soundcloud)
Kate Wax (discogs, youtube)
Kathryn Calder (site, wiki)
Katie Gately (soundcloud)
Kim Shepherd (soundcloud)
Lake Street Dive (site)
Laura Mvula (site, wiki)
Laura Jones (soundcloud)
Laurel Halo (site, wiki)
Lera Aurbach (site, wiki)
Letta Mbulu (wiki)
Linda Caitlin Smith (site, wiki)
Linda Perhacs (site, wiki)
Liza Lim (site, wiki)
Lorde (sitewiki)
Lynne Penhale (youtube)
Margaret Ashburner (myspace)
Marielle Groven (soundcloud)
Marika Hackman (site, soundcloud)
Marina Rosenfeld (site, wiki)
Maya Jane Coles (site, wiki)
Mayan Nidaam (soundcloud)
Miss Kitten (site, wiki)
Misstress Barbara (site, wiki)
Mizz Beats (label, wiki)
My Bloody Valentine (site, wiki)
Naadyn (site, soundcloud)
Nadia Sirota (site)
Nadine Shah (site, soundcloud)
Nancy Elizabeth (site, wiki)
Nicole Byblow (site, soundcloud)
Nina Kraviz (facebook, discogs)
Norah Lorway (site, soundcloud)
Paula Temple (soundcloud)
Please (soundcloud)
Purity Ring (site, wiki)
Py (soundcloud)
Rachael Boyd (soundcloud)
Reenie (site)
Rosin Murphy (wiki)
Ruth Guechtal (site)
Saa (soundcloud)
Sara Page (soundcloud)
Shuanise (soundcloud)
Soft Metals (soundcloud)
Steffi (facebook, discogs)
Stellar OM Source (soundcloud)
The Blow (soundcloudwiki)
The Knife (site, wiki)
T.H.E.M (facebook, twitter)
Tokimonsta (site, soundcloud)
Tropic of Cancer (soundcloud)
Waxahatchee (bandcamp, wiki)
Warrior Queen (soundcloud, discogs)
Zoe Keating (site, wiki)