sundays are for lying

And also for ideas.

I went to The Cheaper Show #8 near the end of June, and got thinking about the nature of selling art.  The Cheaper Show gets a TON of pieces together in one place, and sells them all for the same price: $200, in this case.  (They also have clever-awful ads that say things like BUY ART NOT COCAINE, but that’s beside the point.)  This got me thinking, as I was discussing pieces with my friends:  would people buy more art if they could remix it?  And would that art be better?
For example, there was a piece that had a red circle in it.  I would’ve liked it much more without said circle.  Would the artist be willing to make me a copy without the circle?  Or, contrawise, would the artist say “No, sorry, the circle’s too important, you can’t change it – but you can change this other thing, would that help?”

This, of course, assumes that you have the art in digital and can make high-quality prints of it easily – which limits things somewhat, both technically and philosophically.
On the music front, I had the somewhat insane though of “a Markov chain of Markov chains…which wouldn’t actually be that hard to do, and certainly not in code.  I also have a note to talk a bit about graph theory and tonal harmonic theory, which is basically the same thing as a Markov chain, really.  From I you have lots of choices, but some are more likely than others.  Then, from VI, you have fewer choices, and so on.

Of coures, the real interesting things start happening when you change the parameters away from western tonal harmony…


Four Tet – Ringer [Domino]
Four Tet – Swimmer [Domino]
Agoria – Les Violons Ivres [Different]
Matt Rowan – Hot Steppin (Soliquid Remix) [Proton]
Jaytech & Rowan – Noodles [Cuurve]
Kosmas Epsilon – Soho (RR Edit) [Sick Watona]
Ladyhawke – Back Of The Van (Fred Falke Mix) [Modular]
Maurice – Feline [Distinctive]
Morgan & Shiu – 8 Feet Under (AFK Remix) [Powerplant]
Innerzone Orchestra – Bug In The Bass Bin [Planet E]