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Now avaliable at, with remixes by Tundra and myself. Click here to hear the clips – click here to purchase. Science prevails once more!

vote for music

….a quick list of songs and artists that delight me at the moment:

1 – Trentmoller. I’m at least 6 months behind the times on the love for everyone’s favorite Dane, but though his prior work impressed me, it never grabbed me and told me that I had to love it. Now, however, his remix of ‘We Share Our Mother’s Health’, by The Knife, and his remix of ‘Les Djinns’, by Djuma Soundsystem have pretty much made convinced me that’s he’s awesome.

2 – Ed MacFarlane. His ‘Modelwork’ EP for Precinct is the sort of thing that I want to take to bed and ravish over and over and over and over again. Eeerm.

3 – Danny Bonnici – ‘Return To Saturn’. Just fantaaastic deep progressive stuff. The best example of that old Digweed / Sasha rolling hypno/prog/house/ sound in a long time.

4 – Henrik B – ‘Logos’. This is an older one that came out on Truesoul, maybe a year ago, that I just tracked down. It’s lush and Detroit and generally beautiful in all ways.

things dramatic

I’m pretty sure that YouTube is the best thing ever. I was kicking around on it and found every last highlight from Manchester United’s 1999 Champion’s League run. Even as an Arsenal fan, they’re amazing to watch – the drama quotient is unreal, the history is incredible (Rivaldo for Barca! Baggio for Inter!), and United’s midfield is genuinely awesome. You can find the games here:

vs. Barcalona, group stage:
vs. Inter Milan, quarter final:
vs. Juvetus, semi-final:
vs. Bayern Munich: The final:

gig it like you mean it

Two forthcoming gigs, for your listening pleasure:

On Thursday, September 14th, I will be playing at Hush between the monsterous Dave Sanderson and the monumental ariz0na.

Then! On Saturday, September 30th, I will be playing in one of the semi-finals of the Hush DJ Competition, tagging with Xavier and Carson.

I would be deeeelighted, let me assure you, to see you out at either or both shows.

demo supreme 2006

EDIT: Four of the five tracks have been signed by Precinct / Primal, for release sometime in early 2007. As such, I’ve removed the clips for all but the unsigned tune…which is my favorite, oddly enough. Thanks to everyone who gave them a listen, especially Big Gyppo Stu and the MCs over at IDM.
Alchemy With You In Mind

for the google record:

leenie is cute.


tonight, on too damn late!

Or rather, Sunday Morning, for those of you that are keeping track.  I’m going to be playing at Dust-Up 2, with Cory, from 0630 AM to “can’t”, on Saturday night.  I hear tell there are other djs playing, but as far as I’m concerned, those are merely vicious rumours.  I hope to see you there.

when you’re this BT, they call you Mister.

So all y’all haters who didn’t make it down to Hush to see BT play really did miss out.

Somewhat to my surprise, to be honest, he pulled a monsterous Ableton set out of his laptop, complete with hordes of tastefully epic effects, thunderous drum hits, as well as the vocals from ‘Dreaming’, almost all of ‘Flaming June’, and then ‘Loves Comes Again’ and ‘Somnambulist’ to close. The man is, as is his reputation, in to his music. He’s also a serially nice guy, even though he knocked the power-cord to the amp out by accident when he was setting up.

Other highlights of the evening include BT using my headphones, BT finising his set, stopping the music, yelling “Fuck Yeah!”, and sweeping offstage majestically…into the girl’s washroom, then coming back to encore. Then there was Matt attacking Braeden with his record crate. And Dave bringing me the shot of Wild Turkey (which is why all the pictures he took are blurry). And Matt playing his lovely new Freeform Five remix, and me getting to play my new tune ‘Rocket Summer’ out, and so on. A lovely night, all in all.

Welcome To The Tide Pool

It is with much fear, trepadition, excitment, and general school-girl-esq giddyness that I announce that TIDE POOL IS LIVE.  (<-- click there to visit the new site) *flare of trumpets*

left write wrong

I was working on a tune with Steve Surly, of Narcisse Blonde fame, and we got to discussing the use of ideas and hooks when writing “dance music”. I have a habit of trying to cram lots of ideas into a single track – mostly because I get bored easily.

Of late, I’ve started to write stuff that introduces a new hook or riff or idea, and then doesn’t bother to justify it or fully explore it. For example, I just finished a really bassline / fx driven thing that’s about 6:30 long and has a gigantic pad + melody that appears over the end and outro. The track never comes back to full steam with the melody though.

Steve was saying that I should try and keep those ideas to seperate tracks and double my musical output. It seems to me that if every riff had to be the centerpiece of a track, things would get boring fairly quickly. To use the above example, I like the idea of a track that has a melody fill at the end, both as a setup for more melodic music, or just as a brief interlude before going back to more techy / bassline business.

As a DJ, things like that help the flow of my sets, if I use them properly. And I’m by no means saying that *every* track should be structured like this, or that Steve’s wrong and I’m right. There’s always room for 6 minutes of basslines and good drum programming – but there’s also room for 8 minutes of thematic transition, or 4 minutes of hihats, and so on and so on and so on.