I can’t really speak for the dodgy, dodgy ambient loop in the background, but if you happen to be looking for spectacular graphic work and some excellent desktops, you could do much much worse than to go visit’s Desktopography project.


Hello. My name’s Thor Kell. I DJ and produce electronic music under the fairly nerdy alias of ‘Fractal’. You can find lots of sets of mine for download here, as well as clips of just about all my production work. There is the obligatory bio and collection of brooding pictures as well.

I also run a label called Tide Pool – it lives at Tide Pool is currently on a hiatus that will, internet-gods willing, end soon. You can also find Tide Pool on the mighty and slightly ridiculous MySpace at

All conversation is appreciated – I can be found by using the contact tab over there, and I would be delighted to hear from you.

Science Prevails.