petter – some polyphony

…but this is fantastic, especially the B1, ‘Untight’.  Clips are at Juno.

Also, I fixed all the links. WordPress >> me.

oh! dj gigs!

I should probably post these:

July 21st, Victoria, BC: ‘In The Mix’ at the Jungle Room. Tagging with Kenzie, Xavier, and D-Set.

July 22nd, Victoria, BC: Opening for Shiloh at Hush, with Cory J.
August 5th, Vancouver, BC: Playing the stage at Apex Project.

August 25th or 26th, Victoria, BC: Opening for BT at Hush, with DJ What

September 2nd, North of Victoria, BC: Dust Up 2, with Cory J.

a ritual of doors

My first live cd-length set in ages was also an attempt at a really dancey demo, and a try at doing a live four or five phase mix.  The more I listen to it the more I wish I had kept taking on it, but such is life.  It was cut in May 2006, and art is by John Avon, again.

all tomorrow’s parties

This was a posted hour-long set for Pacific Front Sessions on Proton Radio.   Any excuse you can get to put Beatles and Sigur Ros and Leftfield into a set is a good excuse.  Art is from Rob’s cam vs. Drew’s cam at one of the many Gage shindigs, late 2005.

star eater

My first foray into the realm of posted sets, and certainly I really dig it for the flow and the number of moods, and the classical, and the piano interlude, and so on. It’s from 2005 (I think?), and the art is from Astonomy Picture Of The Day.


An easy award winner for ‘Worst Cover Art’ (and certainly worst typography). This was originally done in 2004 as a demo for friday nights at the Lotus. They never got back to me (probably ’cause I just wasn’t house-y enough), but there are some fine moments here none the less. Art is by Mark Tedin.

dance music for communist robots

Nyuck nyuck.  Another 2003-2004 era set:  This one is pure, unadulterated silly dance music, complete with a ridiculous fore-spin (is that even a word?) and an accapella talking about penises.

down to a sunless sea

An old, superdeep set here (2003?), but still one of my favorites. Art was lifted from a piece by the incomparable John Avon.

still being filled with water

Tide Pool is not up and running as of yet, which makes me cry.  That said, the Tide Pool forum exists, and I bet it would just love to hear from you.

the word about clips

Just for the record:  I will fill in the current Discography section will clips for everything soon.  That means that the Clips section is going to be used as a workblog sort of thing, with lots of quick sketches that may or may not ever see the light to day.  They won’t be much over 96k or 128k, but I promise they’ll sound interesting.